SLAC Digital Can Printing

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SLAC Digital Can Printing means you can craft and create with confidence.

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The Boxer - Twice the Output of a Conventional Bodymaker

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✓ Twice the output of a conventional Bodymaker

✓ Reduced floor space

✓ Energy use per can reduced by at least 40%

✓ Very low vibration

✓ Commercial: the first machine has been delivered to a customer in Europe

✓ The List Price is less than 2 conventional SLAC Bodymakers and less than a single competitive Bodymaker at this time

Maintaining the best ROI that SLAC always strives to offer the industry The Boxer will be on view in Metpack

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A New Choice in Can Printing

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SLAC SC-DP-200 Digital Printer brings new benefits to can decoration:

✓ Higher resolution: easy to reach >300dpi

✓ Realistic graphics: CMYK+2 Special colors generating millions of colors

✓ Offset or photo quality pictures

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Corima Vacuum Tester Improvements

in Vacuum Tester

✓ CPU new generation

✓ HMI with moveable arm, Touch screen, Remote assistance

✓ Pressure switch + gauge on lubrication rings

✓ New transducers for more accuracy

✓ Absolute encoder

✓ New pneumatic components

✓ Position Indicators

✓ Optional: New vacuum pump (long lasting and maintenance free)

✓ Possibility to have the machine with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation

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