Slac Systems and support

SLAC provides complete solutions for can production lines. Products and solutions can be customized for your particular requirements and our engineering support will make sure that your production system performs to exacting specifications.

complete lifecycle support

We engineer, develop, build, install and service and deliver can lines worldwide.

global support

SLAC has offices and locations worldwide to provide the local service and support our clients require.

custom solutions

Our products line-ups can be modified to suit the individual client needs. We will engineer solutions that fit your requirements and make sure the solution is fully functional within the specifications of your requirements.

great service

Our services include engineering and support, installation, delivery, startup and after-sales support. We support our clients throughout the lifecycle of our products.

Life Cycle Service and Support

Layout & Design

Complete layout and design services to accommodate your specific requirements


Installation Support to make sure your solution works the way you planned.


Startup assistence for on-the-job troubleshooting, training and support


Ongoing support and services to make sure your can-line operates at optimum levels


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