Can Line Trimmer - SLAC Trimmer TR-403

in High Speed 2 PC Can Line

Introducing The newest model SLAC trimmer TR-403. With speed of 400CPM, it can couple with all kinds of bodymakers on the market and deliver quality products with extremely close tolerances. The trimmer is designed for 330ml and 500ml cans, but it can be customized to produce other kinds of can bodies. Compared to trimmers of other companies, the SLAC trimmer’s structure is simpler and offers easier maintenance and repair.

Main Features

  • The “Unround Knife” structure, which avoids knives’ all movings except turning, is applied in the trimming head. The unround knife is cut off a section for can’ s pushing into the gap of two knives, then the can is trimmed by two knives’ turning, however, the trimmers of other companies realize this by increasing the movings of kinfe, which makes the structure complex.
  • The ‘Linear Guide’ structure, which holds cans for making cans move around and along the main shaft, is applied in the push side. This kind of structure is applied in the latest version structures of two-piece can machines. It makes cans steadily move, and is also easily maintained.


  • Width: 1.0m
  • Height: 1.3m
  • Length: 2.0m
  • Weight 1200kg
  • Air Supply 5.5bar, 1.2m³/min
  • Vacuum Supply 0.74bar, 2.27m³/min
  • Blower(Optional) Vaccum 0.27bar, 5.5m³/min max
  • Drive Motor 2.2kw
  • Electric Supply 380V, 3-PHASE, 50Hz
  • Can Diameters 211
  • Can Heights Up to 170mm(after trimmed)
  • Speed 400PPM
  • Electronic control system: AB, Siemens or Omron PLC Control
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