Necker Forming System - SC-NF-2400

in High Speed 2 PC Can Line

The SC-NF-2400 neck forming system, designed and manufactured by SLAC, is a high speed multiple stage machine used in the production of two piece aluminum or steel cans. The machine adopts multiple Die Necking stages to progressively reduce the diameter of the open end of a can. According to the customer production demands, supplementary stages; Flanging Stage, Base Reforming Stage, Light Tester Stage, can also be positioned after the Necking Stages. This modular design makes expansion quick and easy at a later date.

SC-NF-2400 Main Features

  • Smaller and more compact.
  • Maintenance-free, Energy saving, high efficiency
  • Quick change, High flexibility
  • Operation and Maintenance convenience, time and labor saving.
  • Lower production cost.

SC-NF-2400 Specifications

  • Can Body Size Range: 202 to 211
  • Can Neck Size Range: 200 to 209
  • Can Height: 84mm to 190mm
  • Pockets per Working Turret: 8
  • Pockets per Transfer Turret: 12
  • Rated Speed (CPM): 2400
  • Effective Tooling Cam Stroke: 50 mm
  • Effective KO Cam Stroke: 32 mm
  • Drive Type: Reduced-motor direct drive
  • Vacuum Required: 8-10"/HG@15 scfm
  • Compressor Air Required (Dual ): 55-80scfm/Necking Turret, 40scfm/Flanger and Light Tester Turret, 30-50scfm/Reformer or Reprofiler Turret
  • Pressure Requirements: 50 PSI(3.4 BAR) (Input Port,Dual)
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