SLAC Cans Vision System

in Inspection Equipment

With extensive experience with can ends inspection, SMVS has developed a new section for inspection of Cans. This system can work both on-line and off-line. Customers can select its component functions to meet their specific requirements.

This system can inspect both inside and outside of the can It can even inspect the bar code. SPC, modular design and its flexible combination will bring a better customer experience.


  • Inspect 2P and 3P steel or aluminum cans, both inside or outside
  • Specific LED light source for the requirement
  • Integrated after sale service, including system update and remote technical support.


  • 2 Piece Cans(steel or aluminum)
  • 3 Piece Cans
  • Other Cans ( Milk Powder Cans, Fish Cans )

Test items

  • Flange ( Crack, Dent/Bump, Dirt )
  • Inside body ( Crack, Dent/Bump, dirt, Scratch )
  • Bottom ( Crack, Dent/Bump, Dirt, Scratch )
  • Weld ( Slag, Lacquer Missing and Shift )
  • Necker ( Wrinkle, Dirt )
  • Outside body ( Reverse can / Inside Out can, Print
  • Bar code, Double-lids, Color, Crack, Dent/Bump,Dirt, Label etc. )










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