SLAC Hexad Conversion System

in High Speed EOE Line High Speed Conversion System

SLAC Hexad conversion system is researched for aluminum ends.
The presses of this system are all using Minster ECH-125 series presses. It's a high speed system. The press speed is 750 stroke per minute, and this system can produce 4500 ends per minute. It is suitable for the ends which diameter 202 and below. The capacity is 50% more than the four-out system, and the tab material's utilization ratio of this system is 4.5% more than the four-out system.

Main Features:

  1. This system has two three-out, with convenient and efficient die set adjustment and maintenance.
  2. To keep the accuracy of die set, the material of the upper die set is titanium alloy. The die set is also equipped with a temperature control system.
  3. Score heating system.
  4. Down-stacker contains six individual adjustable structures. It is easy to adjust the position of each one.
  5. Use the index oil cooling system. The guides and guide posts of the die set are equipped with automatic lubrication system.


  • Press: Minster ECH-125 series press
  • Electric Power: 480Volt-3Phase-50Hz (The electric power can be changed according to customer's require-ment.)
  • Press Dimensions: L-R 3500mm, F-B 2900mm, H4250mm
  • System Weight: 33,000Kg
  • Air Pressure: 6-8kgf 1m³@8kgf
  • Press Speed: 750 SPM
  • End Type: 202 and below 202
  • Tab Type: RPT/SOT
  • Electric Control System: AB, Siemens or Omron PLC control

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