SLAC S280 Sheet Feeding Shell System

in High Speed EOE Line High Speed Shell System

SLAC Sheet Feeding shell system is built on either the Minster or Chinese brand press. It can run consistently at high speed and is easy to maintain. The feeding mechanism can be dismantled by an air-suspending mechanism quickly and has clamping jaws to catch the sheets. The shell tooling has an air pressure forming structure so that the shell specs can stay consistent. Additionally, the tooling parts have a long service life and are easily replaced. Vacuum system makes the shells stick onto the transfer belts and be carried into the Curler. There are 4 Curlers, whose simple configuration is easy to adjust insuring that the produced shells have consistent specs. Overall maintenance cost is low.

SLAC can also design customized steel & aluminum sheet feeding shell systems and upgrade the system design per customer requirements with the best and the most economic proposal. And the system stability & reliability will not be affected.

Main Features

  • Clamping Jaws Feeding Mechanism
  • Vacuum transfer belt conveying system
  • Independent gas circuit control
  • Tooling parts protected by sensors
  • Fast air-suspending dismantling feeding system


  • Press type: Minster / Chinese brand press
  • Shell size: 113-401
  • Output: 16 outputs maximum
  • Speed: 280 strokes per min (Aluminum shells)
  • 200 strokes per min (Steel shells)
  • No.of Curler: 4 sets
  • Feed system:Servo system
  • Diameter:7×10×4m*
  • Weight:25 tons
  • Compressed air: 6-8kgf  6m³@8kgf
  • Power:380-460V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase (customized)
  • Electronic control system: AB, Siemens or Omron  PLC Control
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